The Story

I guess one can say, we have always been attracted to the open water. Being from a small country called Estonia, the biggest open water we have is the Baltic Sea. As the summer is quite short — around 2-3 weeks of hot enough temperature, to actually enjoy the beach in your swimwear — we needed something extra.

Kaido took a trip to Cuba in 2006 and organized a kitesurfing training there. Bringing back his first kite and harness. It was a huge 16m2 C-type beast, with little control over the kite compared to the kites today. But that was enough – Martin got hooked next, then came Joosep and shortly after that, most of the gang was enjoying windy weather on the long coastline of Estonia.

Like most other people, we also have a nine-to-five type of job, family chores, regular after-work sports activities. Occasionally we miss the next day to surf, just because the day was too busy, to scroll through the many forecasts providers and notice that there is a chance to actually go out kiting.

What is the best way to avoid missing the information about next days perfect surfing conditions in your favourite spots? For us – and hopefully for you – a wind notification service for kite- and windsurfers in a form of an app, that sends a notification based on tomorrows forecast for your preselected spots.

Most of us have some kind of IT background. We have developer, IT ops and product management backgrounds in our portfolio. So in the beginning of 2015 we decided – enough talking about it, it is time to boot strap and build the app. It took some time and some planning – but we launched the public beta of SurfCast app in September 23, 2015.

We clearly missed the end of the mainstream surfing season. The feedback for the Beta was quite tepid. We did however get some feedback. Enormous everlasting gratitude to our early on-boarders. In addition to some UX suggestions we got from the feedback, the Beta app also had some stability issues.

It took us around three additional months to fix these last few things and to get the app to be stable enough – the official launch in AppStore was together with the end of 2015. Weather notification for your favourite spots is available for you on the iOS platform!

Where, when and how forward? We have still few interesting features to add to the current app. We are also thinking about expanding the notification service to Android platform.

But for now – do download the app and enjoy the notifications

SurfCast Team